This Could Be How BTS Jimin’s “Promise” Cover Art Came About

The latest Run BTS! episode has a promising hint.

BTS Jimin‘s solo track, “Promise”, exploded in popularity when it was released in November last year.

“Promise” currently holds the title for Soundcloud’s biggest 24-Hour debut, ever.

ARMYs were definitely excited about Jimin’s new song, but their excitment went to another level when they discovered that the cover art was credited to Vante. Vante is BTS V‘s pseudonym that he uses when he posts his artwork.

These include photography, paintings, and even drawings.

ARMYs didn’t know the story behind the cover art for “Promise”, but a recent Run BTS! episode could be the answer to the question on ARMY’s minds.

On May 14, BTS uploaded a new episode of Run BTS! which showed the members spending time in Canada.

In the episode, Jimin lost a game, and the members headed to a lake the very next day for his penalty. The boys decided that Jimin had to head into the freezing lake as punishment! When Jimin went into the lake, V started taking pictures of his freezing cold penalty.

Although it wasn’t confirmed in this episode, fans suspect that this was where V, or Vante, took the cover art for “Promise”. Eagle-eyed ARMYs spotted that Jimin was indeed wearing the same outfit as his cover art for “Promise”!

While this theory is still unconfirmed, it hasn’t stopped ARMYs from enjoying Jimin’s amazing solo song.

Source: elite daily