BTS Jin Checked The Members’ Attendance At The Airport, And Was Adorable Doing It

He made sure that each member was present.

BTS Jin was spotted using his fingers to count and make sure each member was present at the airport.

BTS showed up at the Incheon International on April 29 to head to Las Vegas for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.


Numerous fans and reporters awaited as they got off their vans one by one in casual attire.


After getting off the van, Jin began looking from side to side and doing something with his fingers.


It turns out, he was making sure that all 7 members were present. After confirming that J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook and Suga were on his left…


He turned his head to the right and checked RM. He kept looking to his right and only after he saw V walking towards them did he relax and begin waving at the cameras.


Even though Jin is not the leader of BTS, he definitely fulfills the role of the oldest member!


Watch BTS arrive at Incheon International Airport below:


Source: Dispatch


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