BTS’s Jin Once Pretended To Be An ARMY During A Fansign… And The Members’ Reactions Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Suga decided to tease Jin.

The BTS members love teasing each other, especially at fansigns where ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) are watching them. During one fansign, Jin pretended to be an ARMY, and the members had some hilarious reactions.

BTS’s Jin

BTS’s Suga

Jin first went to V, and V played along with Jin.

| iBangtan 0613/YouTube

Jin then went to Suga, and Suga had a more playful reaction. Suga decided to ignore Jin jokingly and even left his seat.

| iBangtan 0613/YouTube 

After getting teased by Suga, Jin went to Jungkook. Jin decided to call Jungkook oppa, and Jungkook had a playful reaction, as, at the time, he didn’t like being called oppa.

| iBangtan 0613/YouTube

RM was the next member to face Jin the Fan, and RM playfully ignored Jin and pretended like he was busy taking selfies.

| iBangtan 0613/YouTube

Jin then decided to go back to his seat but had a brief adorable interaction with J-Hope!

| iBangtan 0613/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!