BTS’s “Jin Hit” Clowned Bang Si Hyuk ⁠— Let’s Hope He Won’t Get Fired

Nobody can escape “Jin Hit’s” tomfoolery, not even his boss.

BTS‘s Jin has added a new chapter to the “Jin Hit Entertainment” history books!


Years ago, Jin coined “Jin Hit Entertainment” when he took this pun-tastic selfie in front of the Big Hit Entertainment logo.


Ever since then, he’s lived up to his unofficial CEO status by brushing off the agency’s rules and playfully sassing the staff.


Even Big Hit’s founder and co-CEO, Bang Si Hyuk, can’t escape Jin’s clowning!


Recently, an ARMY compared Bang Si Hyuk to this eggplant on BTS Weverse. The caption says, “Bang PD nim why are you coming out of there???”. 


Instead of coming to poor Bang Si Hyuk’s defense by denying the resemblance, Jin replied, “PD nim is crying..”.


Fans loved his response, but some can’t help fearing for his job!


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