BTS Jin’s Geography Skills Are 0% Accurate And 100% LeJindary

Jin failed this trivia game with style.

BTS Jin‘s knowledge of geography is making fans feel a lot better about their own!


In Episode 70 of Run BTS!, BTS played a “sudden mission” trivia game where they had to name the capital cities of countries around the world. In the previous episode, the members prepared for this game by quizzing each other while grocery shopping, and it paid off…sort of.


Some members nailed it…


…others didn’t…


…but nobody failed more spectacularly than Jin. His answer to “What is the capital of Belgium?” was nothing short of “leJindary”.


Yep. According to Jin, “waffle” is Belgium’s capital. Maybe he was craving some Belgian waffles at the time? Maybe not? Either way, fans couldn’t love his answer more!