BTS’s Jin Is Making Us Question His Loyalty To BT21’s RJ, Here’s Why

RJ may not be the only cute friend in Jin’s heart.

It looks like Jin‘s BT21 character, RJ, may have some competition!


In 2017, LINE Friends Creators launched a franchise of new characters called BT21. Each member of BTS created one of these BT21 characters to represent himself. Jin’s is RJ, white alpaca who loves to eat. Jin has declared his love for RJ many times, but RJ may no longer be the only one in his heart!


On April 10, BangtanTV released a video of BTS drawing pictures from their “IDOL” MV. Jin drew a picture of a blue whale he named Kore, after “korae” (고래), the Korean word for “whale”.


Jin was so in love with Kore that he almost made him his new representative character. He quickly went back on this decision though, remembering RJ.


Even so, Jin brainstormed ideas for a future Kore brand and he asked J-Hope if he would wear a Kore shirt in the future.


Fast forward to 2019. Even though Jin’s Kore brand hasn’t happened (yet), some fans suspect that Jin’s love for Kore is still going strong. During BTS’s comeback special broadcast, fans noticed that the whale on Jin’s THOM BROWNE sweater is very similar to Kore.


It’s uncertain if Jin had Kore in mind when choosing this outfit, but we can’t help wondering…


….what does RJ thinks about it?


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