Fans Caught Jin Doing This, But It Took Suga 4 Years To Notice

All this time, Suga was blaming another member for Jin’s misdeed.

BTS‘s “Eat Jin” absolutely loves food. In fact, he might love it a little too much…


So far, Jin has spent his vacation time clowning ARMYs on Weverse, and now they’re clowning him right back.


On September 2, a fan posted this photo from October 2015. In it, Jimin holds up a cake BTS received for reaching 1M followers.


The fan playfully asked why a piece of the cake was missing…


…and Jin knows the answer!


Jin tried to justify his munching by writing, “They told me it was a rice cake and [I should] try a bite…really.” 


Suga also replied to the post. All this time, he blamed RM when the culprit was actually standing right behind him!

I, who thought, “it was definitely Kim Namjoon…”, will reflect on myself.

— Suga


From now on, Suga might want to keep a closer eye on BTS’s desserts!

Source: BTS Diary