BTS’s Jin Puts A Comedic Twist In His Answer To What Changed About BTS Since Debut

The members laughed while listening to Jin.

BTS‘s Jin is an extremely playful person, and he had a humorous answer when talking about what’s changed about the group since their debut.

BTS’s Jin

In a recent interview with Tokopedia, Jin was asked what has changed about BTS since their debut.

| Borahae Army/YouTube

Jin answered by saying that their visuals have changed and that they are now “sparkling.”

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Jin then threw a comedic twist and said that they were “hideous” 7 years ago. The members couldn’t help but laugh at Jin’s answer.

| Borahae Army/YouTube 

When asked who “shines the most,” Jin quickly said himself.

| Borahae Army/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!