BTS Jin Tries To Cut His Own Hair While Filming It

He put scissors near his eyes and the whole A.R.M.Y screamed!

BTSJin got fed up with not being able to see because of his bangs, so he decided to cut it off with one hand while filming it with the other!

“I can’t see in front of me so I’m going to cut my bangs.” — Jin


He was clearly nervous as his hands shook while chopping off the parts covering his eyes.

He makes a ‘meep’ sound like a nervous little chick every time he cuts!


In the end, he’s quite happy with how it turned out but he looks a bit surprised that it went well!

“Oh, I can see well… oh, good, good!” — Jin


The whole ordeal was quite hard to watch for the fans.


While they were scared for his safety… The sharp scissors were right in front of his eyes!


They worried what his stylists will think after seeing his “new cut”.


But overall, A.R.M.Y totally love how truthful he is when he’s just being Jin!


It’s already being replicated in fanart!

Although fans are asking him to be careful and go to a salon next time.


Watch his attempt here: