BTS’s Jin Has A Cute Eating Habit That Drives Fans Extremely Hungry

Who’s ready to eat?

BTS‘s Jin is a handsome fellow, we’re aware…

… but his cuteness multiplies when he turns on his “EAT Jin” mode and channels his inner rising “mukbang” star who knows how to properly stuff his face.

One thing that the fans have noticed is that Jin has a habit of taking gigantic bites out of his food!

Look how he barely cuts this piece of bread only so it would easily fold in half when he tries to fit it all in his mouth.

With his cheeks all puffed from his supersized bites, Jin looks like a squirrel stocking up food.

Jin is truly a merciless noodle vacuum machine.

Fans can’t get enough of Jin’s unusual, but definitely adorable eating habit.

Check out how Jin cannot be bothered to cut up his steak into bite-sized pieces.

Watching the way he chomps down his food would definitely make anyone hungry!

Some ARMYs admit watching Jin helps with their own appetite.

Ready to get hungry? Watch Jin get down to business and eat to his heart’s content: