It Took BTS’s Jin 6 Glances Before Realizing That It Was His Fansite Master Filming Him

He wasn’t sure if they were filming him!

Online community boards are taking a trip down memory lane as photos and videos from BTS Jin’s debut days gained much attention.

Taking a look at Jin from 2013, you can see just how pure and innocent he looks as he greets fans. One fan meeting video in particular touched fans’ hearts as they saw Jin looking at the camera, unsure if they were his home master or not.

In the video, Jin is seen glancing at the camera six times before waving and realizing that they were his fan site master. Being only a few months since their debut, his nervous yet excited expressions touched fans as they could see just how excited he was to have a fan site master take photos and videos of him.

Fans who saw these photos couldn’t help but fall in love with Jin once again!

  • “Seeing his debut photos shows just how cute and lovable he is, but it also makes me a bit sad.”
  • “He is so lovely.”
  • “Thank you to the fan site master who took picture of this lovably baby.”
  • “He is such a warm person. He always remembered where I stood and told me that he read my letter. His kind words are what make me continue to be a fan. He is really a great person.”

Watch the full clip below!

Source: theqoo


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