Here’s How BTS Jin’s Diligent Personality Comes To Light Behind The Scenes Right Before Every Comeback

He definitely works hard!

BTS‘s Jin isn’t just a pretty face, he’s a diligent artist who works for everything he has. ARMYs are aware of his persevering personality. He gave a brief insight into this during an interview with Weverse Magazine.

BTS’s Jin

Jin revealed that he wished he had more time to practice the choreography of “Permission To Dance.” Because the group had a full schedule starting from their “Butter” promotions onwards, he was not able to prepare as well as he had hoped.

I really like the song, but when we perform it, I wish I’d had more time to prepare. We had a comeback in May with ‘Butter’ and then a fan meeting concert in June, so we got ready for ‘Permission to Dance’ at the same time we were filming performances of ‘Butter.’ We didn’t have anything else we had to work on before ‘Butter’ so we had plenty of time to practice it, but we had to practice ‘Permission to Dance’ and get ready for the fan meeting simultaneously. Time’s always tight, but I think I could’ve done even better if I could’ve taken a little more time. I wish I had had more time to put a little more effort in.

— Jin

The oldest BTS member opened up about his behind-the-scenes life. He is apparently not the best when it comes to memorizing the lyrics of a song. In fact, he made sure he practiced for his Sowoozoo rap parts for at least 15 minutes each day.

So, I’m not good at memorizing lyrics, for instance. I think some of the other members can catch on real quick, but it’s not like that for me.

— Jin

He revealed that he believes he needs to work a little harder than other K-Pop idols. Instead of complaining, however, Jin puts in all the effort needed to succeed.

So if we do something like a new song or a special one at a fan meeting, I have to spend more time preparing than the others. When a new song’s coming out, I have to practice for at least 4-5 days to get the hang of it.

— Jin

His perseverance has led him to who he is now: a seasoned performer!

Source: Weverse Magazine