BTS Jin Drives Fans Crazy With His Latest “Worldwide Handsome” GIFs

Fans are literally dying over his brand new “Worldwide Handsome” GIFs!

BTS Jin is going viral once again for his “Worldwide Handsome” visuals, as his fans captured this killer look during their latest fan signing for “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear”!


Jin was just being his casual self, but fans were literally dying as he gave them this look!


Multiple GIFs from that day were deemed the next level of his “Worldwide Handsome” GIFs.

Jin, fan-andself-proclaimed Mr. Worldwide Handsome, often went viral for his amazing physical features.


He looks like he literally jumped out of a romance manga to steal your heart!


Look at this face and tell me your heart didn’t just skip a beat!

  • “Who does he think he is??? Making my heart go boom boom”
  • “What a splendid and amazing human being Seokjin is!”
  • “I would definitely pay to just stare at his face… his visuals are crazy…”
  • “Jin’s attacking me with his face ㅠㅠ I’m dead.”
  • “He’s definitely the best looking out of all the idols.”
  • “I thought he was a goody-goody but his latest charms are literally shocking.”


The best part about Jin is that he’ll do a 180 and turn into the goofball everyone loves him for!

“You’d think he’d be a total douche when he’s got visuals like this, but he’s the world’s kindest angel!” — Netizen


It appears 2018 will be another full year of Mr. Worldwide Handsome’s stunning visuals!

Source: Nate Pann