BTS’s Jin And EXO’s Kai Wore The Same Cardigan But Served Completely Different Vibes

The two iconic idols have the best taste in fashion!

When it comes to fashion, it is one of the biggest parts of being a K-Pop idol along with their talent, visuals, and personality. With trends coming and going, it is common for idols to be seen wearing the same clothes, and netizens love seeing their favorites wearing the same clothes.

Yet, recently two idols have gained attention for wearing the same fashionable designer cardigan, and it’s none other than BTS‘s Jin and EXO‘s Kai.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

EXO’s Kai | @zkdlin/Instagram

Since both idols debuted, the two idols have always been known for their visuals and impeccable taste in clothing. As times have gone on, both Jin and Kai’s fashion has evolved with Korean trends, and they are true influences on netizens.

| @jin/Instagram

| @jin/Instagram

| @zkdlin/Instagram

| @zkdlin/Instagram

Well, it seems like, along with the talent and visuals, the two iconic idols also have similar tastes in fashion! Recently, both Jin and Kai were seen wearing the same cardigan from Gucci, and it’s none other than the Gucci Lovelight Wool Cardigan, which only costs $1,980 USD.

| Gucci

Jin was the first one spotted in the beautiful cardigan at the end of July.

On July 25, BTS’s Jin wowed netizens after it was confirmed that he would attend the premiere of the movie Emergency Declaration, starring the likes of Song Kang HoIm Siwan, and netizens noticed it also starred Kim Nam Gil, who is one of Jin’s role models. However, Jin was the main event of the premiere even though he wasn’t even in the film.

As expected, Jin’s style combined fashion with something both casual and preppy. Jin teamed the cute cardigan with a striped shirt, black pants, and some professional loafers. He definitely stole the attention of the crowd with his style and visuals.

Kai was the next idol to wear it, and it isn’t surprising considering the EXO star is a Gucci ambassador and has always shined with those looks.

Kai as the Gucci ambassador | Gucci

| Gucci

Along with fellow EXO member Chen, both idols traveled to Sydney, Australia, for the HallyuPopFest event. At Incheon airport, the two idols wowed with their visuals, charisma, and pure charm as they greeted the media and fans.

Kai was also wearing the pale yellow cardigan but had a very different feel compared to Jin.

While Jin’s outfit was quite preppy and professional, Kai’s outfit had a more casual and summery feel. Kai chose not to wear a shirt with his cardigan and paired it with flowy white pants and canvas shoes. He even teamed it with a summery straw hat.

Both Kai and Jin have always gained attention from fans for their visuals and taste in clothing. As two of the biggest groups in K-Pop, fans love seeing their favorite idols wearing the same outfits, and it showcases that great minds think alike.

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Same Fit, Different Vibes