BTS’s Jin Once Failed At Dyeing His Own Hair…But Nobody Could Tell

The results are actually quite good!

BTS typically gets their hair dyed by a professional, but member Jin once took matters into his own hands and dyed his hair purple a day before their Osaka concert. He announced the news by posting this hilarious selfie online.

It was a self-confessed failure.

I self-dyed my hair but failed.

– Jin

Even so…the results were still shocking. To most people, his “failure” looked like a success.

Jin somehow made the uneven dye look amazing!

If you didn’t know he did it himself, you’d think it was really meant to look like that.

It helps that he has a “worldwide handsome” face, which makes anything he wears look a thousand times better.

Whatever his hair lacked, his face definitely made up for it. There’s just no way someone with his visuals could ever look bad.

ARMYs who saw the post disagreed with Jin calling it a failure.

If it’s a failure, what is the definition of failureㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

If this is a failure, I want to live a life of failure

Does he usually consider those as failures?


Jin may have not liked the results, but ARMYs sure did!

Source: theqoo