Jin Not Being Allowed to Wear Flower Crowns Worked in the Fans’ Favor at BTS’s Recent Fan Signing

Jin made the best of an unfortunate situation.

BTS recently attended a fan meeting to spend some quality time with their fans despite their busy schedules in Korea as well as abroad.

On this day, Jin, in particular, made the hearts of many fans skip a beat with his exceptionally sweet fan service.




Ahead of the fan signing, BTS’s agency prohibited the members from wearing anything on their heads including flower crowns. As a result, Jin wasn’t able to put on the fan crowns gifted from fans, but he took this opportunity to give his fans one additional fan service.

Since he couldn’t put it on himself, he gave the fans sweet gazes and put the flower crown on their heads in a caring manner.

When the fans seemed shy and embarrassed at his gesture, Jin made sure to shoot them another warm smile as if he was the friendly “Oppa next door”.

It’s been said that when Jin received a headband with sunflowers on it, he put it against his face and made cute expressions for his fans to see.

And once the fan signing was nearing its end, it became possible for the members to wear things on their head again, so Jin put on a Micky Mouse headband and even a crown to make it up to his fans who were disappointed by the restriction.

Source: Insight


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