BTS’s Jin Revealed His Favorite Hair Color Of All Time

There’s one color he never gets enough of.

BTS‘s Jin has tried quite a few hair colors over the years. He’s effortlessly pulled off every look from soft pink and pale blond to his iconic purple and pink fusion. There’s one color Jin never gets enough of, though.

In one of his Eat Jin live broadcasts, a fan asked if there was a specific hair color he liked the most.

Instead of choosing something vibrant and eye-catching, Jin kept it super simple and chic. He said, “I like black hair.” There were two major reasons for the choice.

The first was simplicity. He explained, “Because I don’t need to dye my hair. It’s convenient.

The second was how harmful switching between so many hair colors could be. He said, “As I dyed many times, my hair is dry and damaged. You know that your hair gets dry after dying.

Whether his hair color is dark or colorful, ARMYs will love his look regardless.

Source: Naver Live