BTS’s Jin Finally Got Jungkook To Understand Hip-Hop Culture

Jungkook listens to his hyungs well.

BTS‘s Jin once shouted at Jungkook to stop what he was doing: attempting to remove the price tag from his shirt.


After keeping Jungkook at bay, Jin explained his unusual fashion choice.

He explained that it was part of hip-hop culture to leave them attached.

You don’t understand the hip-hop culture. You’re supposed to leave the tags.

In a recent photo snapped at the airport, it looks like Jungkook has finally followed Jin’s wisdom. Sporting a pair of sneakers with the tags attached, he was fully into hip-hop culture.

Jungkook certainly follows his hyungs well. ARMYs will have to wait and see what other habits he’ll pick up from Jin.