BTS’s Jin Flexes His Millionaire Status With Expensive Ingredient For His Seafood Ramen

He’s finally acting rich—kind of.

There have been more than a few times when every member of BTS has forgotten that they’re indeed millionaires. During the group’s recent interview with Tokopedia, Jin embraced that while also finding a way to get the best bang for his buck.

To the question of whether he’s a good cook and which recipe was his best, Jin chose ramen. It wasn’t just any ramen, “These days, I’m really good at making seafood ramen.

Since seafood can be expensive on its own, everyone was taken aback by the expensive ingredient that takes his seafood ramen to the next level. He needed a specific type of crab: “I add king crabs into it.

Because king crab reaches over $20 USD per pound and over $70 USD for just a few pounds of it, even his fellow members were surprised. “You have king crabs at home?

There was a clever reason why Jin bought that specific ingredient for his seafood ramen. Just because he’s a millionaire doesn’t mean he’ll never stop getting the best deal, “Whenever I order king crabs for delivery, shellfish and clams are on the house.

With free shellfish and clams to add to his seafood ramen, alongside the king crab, Jin has the ultimate luxury meal at a discounted price. “So, I add them into my ramen. Yeah, it’s incredible.

Watch Jin flex his expensive tastes while also giving everyone a tip for getting the most out of your money.