BTS’s Jin Is Good At Everything And That Includes Board Riding Of All Sorts

He is a real rider.

BTS‘s Jin is Worldwide Handsome, no question about that. But he isn’t just a pretty face. He has the voice, the moves, and these extraordinary board-riding skills on water, on snow, and even on sand!


ARMYs knew Jin had some athleticism in him, seeing from the way he has such graceful control over his body when he moves. But they didn’t realize how awesome of a snowboarder he is until these clips were shared.


In a series of these tweets, Jin can be seen rocking his snowboard. ARMYs remain completely mesmerized by the way he elegantly glides down the slope and into their hearts!


Jin isn’t only a phenomenal snowboarder, but also a good surfer. Even though he was rather new to the world of surfboard riding on water, Jin got the hang of it almost immediately and managed to look this good!


Check out how Jin’s snowboarding skills must have helped with him quickly picking up surfboarding skills.


In fact, Jin can ride all and any kind of board. When he tried wake-boarding for the first time, Jin was able to stand himself up on the board and ride it with stability – which is insane for newbies. He was expected to struggle, like all other first-time riders, but the truth was out: Jin does not struggle.


Jin even managed to make sand-boarding look simple. The way he casually slid down this desert had viewers think balancing on a board down a sandy hill is easy – which it really isn’t.


It’s only because Jin knows how to maneuver his way around on all kinds of boards that he can look this amazing. And fans absolutely love Jin’s board-riding skills!


But of course, of all the boards out there in the world, ARMYs’ favorite kind of board for Jin is the Billboard…


… and Jin definitely knows how to rock that board like a king too.

Source: THEQOO