This Is How BTS Jin Got Scouted By Big Hit Entertainment

BTS’s popularity knows no bounds and has recently gathered a lot of attention in the U.S. 

The founder and CEO of BigHit, Bang Si-hyuk, wanted to create a hip-hop group that gave off the same sort of energy as BIGBANG. He started off by signing RM, then Suga, and J-Hope. While these three had a pretty normal entrance into BigHit, Jin had a different experience.

Jin was chased after by a casting director who decided to follow him after seeing him get off a bus. He later convinced Jin to try out for the group and the rest is history. Jin had previously mentioned that he was scouted by SM Entertainment before but thought it was a joke. Obviously they did not do enough to convince the “Worldwide Handsome” star.

V and Jungkook joined the group around the same time as Jin, while Jimin was the last to join. Now this group is a force to be reckoned with! 

Source: Billboard and Amino Apps