Here’s All The Nonsense Jin Put Up With At BTS’s GRAMMYs After Party

Fans can now see what happened behind the scenes.

After eight months of wondering, fans finally know what happened to Jin after the GRAMMYs!


Back in February, BTS hosted a live after party in their hotel room for ARMY, following the 2019 GRAMMY Awards. During this broadcast, each member passed around a phone and expressed their thoughts about their GRAMMY experience.


Try as he might, Jin kept getting distracted by something happening off-screen.


Fans knew BTS were being chaotic AF, but now a newly released behind the scenes video has revealed the whole story.


When Jin started to talk about the Billboard Music AwardsJiminV, and J-Hope launched this dance party. As soon as J-Hope twerked, Jin cracked up!


As Jin denied the fact that their dancing made him laugh, Jungkook‘s moves made him laugh again!


Jin reprimanded his members with death glares…


…but it wasn’t very effective.


So, when Jungkook’s turn came around, Jin did this!


Check out the whole subtitled video here: