Here’s Why BTS’s Jin Wouldn’t Let Their Hairstylist Trim His Hair

He stopped them from cutting his hair every time.

Despite how much BTS‘s Jin has switched up his hair color, he’s more particular when it comes to the length of his hair. Because he would stop their hairstylist from giving him a mere trim, he shared the reason why.

During a live broadcast, Jin shared how persistent their hairstylist was in trying to snip off a little of his hair. Jin protected it by stopping the hairstylist in their tracks.

Hair designer always says, ‘Jin, I need to trim your hair.’ I say, ‘No, no. No, please.’ I stop the designer.

— Jin

In a funny way that’s so Jin, he would play a game of rock, paper, scissors to keep every strand on his head. He said, “When the designer brings scissors, I give a rock. Then, the hair designer knows that I won and doesn’t cut my hair.

There was a reason why Jin didn’t want to lose any length and have short hair.

He preferred the way longer hair complimented his face. He said, “Others say I look better with short hair, but I like long hair. So I stick to this hairstyle.

It looks like fans will be waiting a long time to catch a glimpse of Jin with a short haircut again.

Source: Naver Live