This Footage of BTS’s Jin Is Going Viral Because of How Well It Portrays His Handsome Face

Perfection is what that is.

In recent days, a post regarding BTS‘s Jin‘s handsome face has received overwhelming attention in online communities.

The post contains a short footage of Jin’s face, which can be seen taking up a large portion of the frame.

Despite being a close-up, Jin’s handsome face looks flawless and blindingly stunning.

Sure, it’s just a 4-second clip, but his visuals are captivating enough to make almost any fan feel possessed.

Jin is well-known for having an egg-shaped face, big eyes, tall nose bridge, and plump lips that back up his title of “Worldwide Handsome”.

It’s no wonder Jin has such a title because his unrealistic beauty is capturing the hearts of ARMYs all over the world.

Source: Insight