BTS’s Jin Hangs Out With Chef Lee Yeon Bok, And We Are Loving Their Adorable Friendship

How cute are they?

Recently, chef Lee Yeon Bok posted an adorable photo taken with BTS’s Jin on his personal Instagram and received much attention online. Lee and Jin first got acquainted on the set of a variety show called Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, and they have been maintaining their friendship since then.

Whenever he has time, he asks, ‘Chef-nim~can you make me something yummy~’ and comes over to visit. When he comes alone he eats a lot and chats a lot, and is always full of affection.

It is also well known that Jin meets with Lee when he has time, and likes to go fishing together and sends him presents when he’s overseas. And as ARMYs, we love to see wholesome content like this!