BTS J-Hope’s And Jin’s Sibling Rivalry Stories Are Relatable AF

Jin and J-Hope talked about what it was like growing up in their siblings’ shadows.

In their adulthood, BTS‘s Jin and J-Hope are worldwide celebrities beloved by millions, but in their childhood they weren’t even the stars of their own households.


In a radio interview, J-Hope and Jin revealed what it was like growing up in their successful siblings’ shadows, something many people can relate to.


“In the past, my sister used to study abroad,” J-Hope said. “My sister was great in school.”


According to J-Hope, Jung Dawon spent three years studying in the US and four years studying in Australia.


“She was really smart, but then my parents were like, ‘Your sister is smart and speaks different languages. What are you good at?”


The hosts took J-Hope’s side, saying that he must have been hurt by those comments and his parents’ favoritism. J-Hope revealed that he tried to prove himself through dance.

“I became determined and practiced dancing.”

— J-Hope


J-Hope confessed that he sometimes became angry with his sister because of the comparisons his parents made.

“Yeah. When she came back to Korea from time to time. Those days were the peak.”

— J-Hope


Jin revealed that he’d had the same experience growing up with his older brother.

“My older brother and I had a big gap too. He was always school student president, even now in his university he is head of the student council. Like, he was always the student president. So my mom really favored him only.”

— Jin


When one of the hosts pointed out that Jin has his own strength, his superior Worldwide Handsome looks, Jin playfully said, “Yeah, I was determined to become really handsome.”


For more, check out the radio interview here.