BTS’s Jin and Ji Suk Jin Show Off Their Close Friendship

Ji Suk Jin and BTS’s Jin have apparently become close because they have the same first name!

On the latest episode of Running Man, Ji Suk Jin showed off his unexpected close friendship with BTS’s Jin.

Source: Instagram


The Running Man members were on a mission to invite celebrity guests and the first person Ji Suk Jin attempted to invite was Jin.


Jin answered Ji Suk Jin’s call by calling him haengnim, which is a variation of hyung that is only used between very close friends!

Aigo, haengnim~!!!” ㅡ Jin


Song Ji Hyo also showed her interest in BTS by singing a little bit of “Blood, Sweat & Tears” as she said her greetings.

“Blood, sweet and tears♬ It’s me Jihyo noona!!” ㅡ Jihyo


Jin showed his humble side by expressing that it’s an honor to have his voice aired on Running Man.

“Wow, I can’t believe my voice will be on Running Man, this is so interesting.” ㅡ Jin


He then gave a brief introduction to the viewers of the show.

“Hello viewers of Running Man, I am Jin from BTS. My name is Kim Seokjin and I’ve been keeping a close friendship with Ji Suk Jin due to our same name.” ㅡ Jin


Jin affectionately added that Ji Suk Jin should call him at any time if he wants to see him.

“I’m in Korea. If you miss me, please contact me at any time hyung.” ㅡ Jin


Watch the full clip below!