BTS’s Jimin Sneak Attacked Jin In Shizuoka, But Jin Was Prepared For It

When you prank the prank master, there are consequences.

BTS besties Jin and Jimin love each other almost as much as they love to betray each other.


These dorks always find ways to have fun together, whether its a dance battle…


…a rehearsal…


…or a broadcast with fans. Some of their best moments though have happened on stage.


At a concert, all manner of mischief can (and does) happen. Jin and Jimin proved it all over again at BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself shows in Shizuoka.


“So What” has become synonymous with “water fight”, so by now the members are prepared to get drenched. When Jimin sneaked up on Jin and soaked him from head to toe…


…Jin counter-attacked with a hidden water bottle!


Little did he know that was the true mastermind. V was the one who convinced Jimin to go after him!


Somehow, we’re not surprised!