Jin Is Making Us Question Who BTS’s Real Maknae Is…Again

Jin is coming for Jungkook’s maknae title.

Jin is BTS‘s oldest member, but most of the time you wouldn’t know it!


Like a true maknae, he loves to get silly and play around whenever he gets the chance. Sometimes, Jin even makes Jungkook seem older by comparison!


On October 21, BangtanTV dropped a new “Bangtan Bomb” from BTS’s Map of the Soul: Persona photoshoot. While shooting, Jimin can’t resist playing along to the saxophone music in the background.


Jin took it one step further, by turning Jungkook into an instrument! Like an indulgent hyung, Jungkook goes along with it…


…for a while.


Once Jin was feeling the music, he couldn’t be stopped.


Come on, Jin, let Jungkook-hyung rest!


See the video here: