BTS’s Jin Tried To Smooth Talk Jungkook, But He Was NOT Having It

He refused to be a “pushover”.

BTS‘s Jin always has a trick up his sleeve, but Jungkook knows better than to fall for them!


In Episode 126 of Run BTS!, BTS played “777 Lucky” games that included throwing cards at a foam block, bouncing a ball into a cup, and stacking solo cups. For the two-person games, one member had to defeat another member to clear the challenge.


In a behind the scenes video for this episode, Jin asked Jungkook to lose a game so that he could get a stamp from the staff and move on.

Lose? On purpose? That wasn’t going to happen! The Golden Maknae loves to win and he rarely cheats. He wholeheartedly refused to be a “pushover”.

Instead, he tried to play mind games with this “Mind Game Master” by persuading Jin to lose a game to him first. If Jin lost to him, Jungkook said he would lose Jin’s game afterward. Jin wasn’t buying this at all.

He continued to try to convince Jungkook to do things his way, but neither one was willing to give in. In the end, they both walked away!

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