BTS’s Jungkook And Jin VS Jimin And V: Here’s How To Stretch Your Best

They have completely different methods.

Need to step up your flexibility? BTS proves that best way to improve is to get help from a friend!


On February 3, BTS posted a new Story to their Instagram, filmed during “Black Swan” dance practice on January 23. RMJimin, and Suga did their own thing to warm up, but and Jin needed a little assistance!


Jimin, aka the Reigning King of Flexibility, helped V deepen his stretch by leaning on his back and pulling his ankle inward.


As soon as the stretch became too much for V, Jimin let go.


V and Jimin’s gentle stretching could almost be mistaken for hugging, but no one would think the same thing about Jin and Jungkook‘s stretches!


This looks more like a battle than a warm up, but fans expect no less from these two!


Check out the video here: