BTS’s Jin Dined At A Restaurant In London And Gave The Owner A Gift

This is what “Eat Jin” has been up to in England.

Food lover Jin is currently enjoying the sights, sounds, and taste of England.


Earlier this week, BTS arrived in London for their 2-day Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert on June 1 and June 2. While in the city, they will also be appearing on Britain’s Got Talent


Most of the members have taken a short break from posting on social media since they left Brazil, making many fans curious about their London adventures.


On May 29, Korean barbeque restaurant Olle BBQ London posted this autograph from Jin on their Instagram. The caption says, “BTS JIN came for Korean BBQ today. Look forward to their concert this weekend!!!”. Now that Olle BBQ London has Eat Jin’s stamp of approval, business will surely be booming!