BTS Jin’s Struggle With A Hair Dryer Is Relatable AF

Even hard workers have their lazy moments.

The tiniest things can make life so much easier, but sometimes those tiny things are just too much work.

BTS‘s Break The Silence is a heartwarming new docuseries that’s bringing ARMY to tears, but it isn’t without BTS’s signature humor. One leJindary moment, in particular, will make you say, “that’s so me!”

After taking viewers on a relaxing car ride with V, Episode 1 abruptly cuts to Jin fighting with a hair dryer.

He could just untangle the cord to give himself more reach, but no. Laziness prevailed.

Who can relate? Like the rest of us, Jin has his sloth moments, but when it comes to his job as a performer, he is the definition of hard work.

The show’s editors crosscut Jin’s “How NOT to Dry Your Hair” segment with “How to Succeed in Life”. For years, Jin worked tirelessly to improve his skills, and it shows!

In books and axioms, they say, ‘Those who keep trying without giving up are the ones who succeed.’ I’ve never been satisfied with my talent, so I think I need to keep trying my best.

— Jin

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