BTS’s Jin Was Left Out Of Suga’s 7 Favorite Things, So RM Came To The Rescue

“Where’s Jin hyung?”

When a member of BTS is given seven slots to choose his favorite things, one might think he’d name all of the members and then have a slot for themselves. That funnily wasn’t the case for Suga, who left Jin high and dry.

Suga started off his list as you’d expect, dramatically announcing RM, J-Hope, JungkookJimin, and V. From that point onward, the rest of the members burst into laughter from who he named next.

After pausing for an even bigger reaction, Suga said, “Holly,” with his whole chest. Everyone couldn’t hold in their laughter. Jimin crouched forward, Jungkook covered his face, J-Hope slapped his knee, and RM brought a fist to his mouth. That wasn’t the end of the funniness.

Suga finished his list of favorites by naming himself, which had Jungkook pointing and asking, “Where’s Jin hyung?” Jimin claimed that his dog Holly has replaced him. RM couldn’t leave it like that, coming up with a fitting dad joke to make it better.

Using a play on words with the name Holly and the word holy, RM said something along the lines of, “That’s right, because Jin is a holy person.”

No one is safe from the playful savageness of Suga and the gentle soul of RM, who’s always quick with a wholesome joke to make you feel better about yourself.

Watch the funniness of Suga replacing Jin with Holly but RM making up for it with a classic dad joke here.