BTS’s Jin In This Live Performance Is Now Turning Non K-Pop Fans Into ARMY

He was pure perfection.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, BTS performed a live, non-choreography version of “Make It Right” and it is enchanting the viewers worldwide. Now with the video uploaded to the show’s official YouTube channel, non K-Pop fans are also getting to hear BTS for the first time – and while each and every member got to showcase their amazing vocal skills, Jin is sweeping them off their feet.


Jin is suited up super nicely, befitting his beloved nickname of Worldwide Handsome. But what really caught a lot of viewers’ attention was his sparkly pink microphone and earpiece. To the first timers watching BTS perform, Jin immediately became “the one with the pink mic”.

I love that Jin is really out here on American television with a bedazzled pink mic and earpiece set.

— ID: K T


It is, of course, not just his pink gear that kept the viewers focused on him. Throughout the performance, Jin looks and sounds completely angelic. As the camera graces him, he sings, “I can make it right”. And fans and non-fans alike knew right then and there that he, in fact, can make everything right!

This is my first time watching their full performance and ok… I get the hype. They’re good.

— ID: “trta 29”

Although I’m not a fan of BTS (yet), I respect them for breaking into the western music market with non-English music… as an Asian, this makes me incredibly proud and happy.

— ID: “Archana siva”


Those captivated by Jin’s incredibly high but beautifully pitched voice can’t get it out of their heads! The comments section of the YouTube video is now flooding with praise for Jin. He is, according to the fans, the king of visuals, vocals, and pink microphones!

Jin’s vocals live is so beautiful. I couldn’t help but rewind and listen his parts over again. Love you 3000 Jin!

— ID: j ago

Jin’s vocal really melts my heart.

— ID: nikshere 24


While the usual choreographed stages are amazing in their own ways, BTS fans are growing more appreciative of these sit-down performances that don’t require the members to keep up with the intense dance moves. By having the members focus on vocalizing only, the performance really shined light on their actually amazing musical talent.

Very nice seeing a good BTS video show casing their singing up close. I’m also big fan of BTS dancing, but choreography videos often overshadow the quality of BTS singing talent. So proud of them kids 🙂

— ID: retrovideoquest


Ready to hear it? Here’s the clip that will heal your spirit: