This Rookie Idol’s Predebut Photo Looks More Like Jin Than Jin Does

In middle school, they could have been twins.

Some K-Pop stars look so similar that they have been mistaken for being the same person, but for BTS‘s Jin and his doppelganger, it’s a bit of a different story.

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Jin and THE BOYZ‘s Joo Haknyeon don’t look enough alike to be interchangeable, but their middle school photos are another story.


Their middle school photos, on the other hand, bear such an uncanny resemblance that even Google gets confused!


Google’s reverse image search thinks that this Joo Haknyeon middle school photo belongs to Jin, aka “Worldwide Handsome”…


…and it’s easy to see why!


In middle school, these idols could have passed for identical twins!


When fans discovered this uncanny resemblance, they couldn’t believe their eyes.


Jin and Joo Haknyeon don’t look quite like “twins” anymore, but they each have their own unique charms that are impossible not to love!


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