BTS’s Jin Looks Flawless Even While Getting His Hair and Makeup Done

There’s only one worldwide handsome!

Recently, BTS released a behind-the-scenes from the 2020 MMAs though their BANGTANTV YouTube channel. They showed various backstage clips of the members preparing for the recording.

During the clips of the members getting ready, fans couldn’t help but be shocked by Jin‘s god-tier visuals as he got his hair and makeup done.

How is it possible to look this flawless while getting ready?

He’s exuding worldwide handsome vibes even while falling asleep!

At this point, does he even really need all this makeup?

And to think that this is just him backstage…

…no wonder he looks untouchable on the actual stage!

I mean if he’s going to look like that while just monitoring the screen…

…it might as well just be the actual performance!

All hail our prince Jin!

Netizens that saw this couldn’t help but talk about his visuals.

  • “Our prince!”
  • “When I look at Jin my mouth hurts from complimenting him on how elegant, luxurious, and handsome he looks.”
  • “He looks so luxurious and rich.”
  • “How can a person’s face look like that…he looks so luxuriously handsome!”

For more, watch the full video below!

Source: theqoo