BTS’s Jin May Be A Millionaire But He Still Has The Funniest Way To Decide Who Pays For Meals

We stan a down to earth millionaire!

VIINI, also known as Kwon Hyun Bin, talked about his funny friendship with BTS‘s Jin on Mnet‘s TMI News.

He revealed that they sometimes share the cost of a meal.

I’m personally close to BTS’s Jin. Hyung went through hard times, reached the top, and became affluent…but we still go Dutch.


He even revealed the method Jin uses to find out who is exempted from the task. Everyone in the table joins, no matter who is older or younger.

We went to eat Agwi-jjim (a spicy fish dish) and even did rock-paper-scissors to decide who was going to pay.


There are other days however when Jin treats everyone. In the quiz portion of the show, the question “Who pays the bill during gatherings?” was asked, and VINII quickly answered that it was Jin.

Either Jin goes all out and pays for everyone’s meals…or he does rock-paper-scissors to get out of paying!

Which side of Jin are you?