BTS Jin Shares His Thoughts On MCing At 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje

He was much more nervous than he looked.

BTS‘s Jin made an epic return as “MC Jin” for KBS‘s end of the year show, Gayo Daechukje, but it turns out he was much more nervous about it than he let on.

BTS’s “MC Jin” Is Back And More Extra Than Ever At Gayo Daechukje


On December 28, Jin co-hosted the event with TWICE’s Dahyun and EXO’s Chanyeol, much to the delight of multi-fans everywhere.


Throughout the show, Jin entertained viewers with his eccentric flourishes…


…his amazing sense of humor…


…and, of course, his over the top dancing!


MC Jin oozed confidence from start to finish, but even this King of Extra gets nervous sometimes!


On December 29, Jin shared his thoughts about MCing, on BTS’s official fan cafe.


The post revealed that Jin was far more nervous than he appeared. He even needed to take calming medicine before the show began.

“Thank you everyone
I was so nervous so I don’t know how I did ㅠㅠ
I was supposed to eat ChungShimHwan (medicine that calms your nerves) about an hour before I started but I ate it 40 minutes before, so I thought I was going to die for those nerve-wracking 20 minutes
Wow… But the ChungShimHwan really works. I became calmer and found more stability and retentiveness..
The downside is that it only lasts for about an hour.
The effects wore off at the later half, so I enjoyed Amor Fati a little too much.
Thank you for everyone who watched!!”

— Jin


Many fans who have read the post can’t help laughing at Jin’s ChungShimHwan repping…


…and are praising him for doing such a great job despite his nerves.


MC Jin truly is one of a kind!