BTS’s Jin Reveals The Reason Behind The Change In His Microphone, And “Called Out” His Members At The Same Time

It’s finally solved a mystery!

For a long time, BTS‘s Jin has been known as the “Pink Mic Guy,” after catching the attention of fans for his immense singing skills, dazzling visuals, and the stand-out pink microphone that he has used for years.

Yet, ARMYs noticed that Jin recently changed the color to green during a concert in May, along with some members. When the video aired, fans wondered why there was a sudden change in the microphone’s color.

Yet, during the latest Zoom meeting with fans, the answer was revealed. A fan asked Jin why, although he was known for his pink microphone, he changed the color to green.

Before Jin even had a chance to answer, Jungkook seemed confused by the question, asking, “You changed it to green?

As expected by Jin, he had the best comeback to this statement and basically called out Jungkook! The BTS members are all very close, and rightly, Jin expected that the group’s youngest member would notice the change explaining, “Guys, it’s been a while. It’s been about four months. Pay attention, please.

After debating whether it was mint or plain green, Jin got back to the original question asked by Jimin. It seems as if there wasn’t some deep back story but just a change in heart for the pink.

When we choose mic colors, there are many colors and jewels. While I was looking through them, green caught my eye, and I like light green these days.

— Jin

He also added that he wanted that color because it matches the color of Jungkook and Suga‘s chair, and RM even dubbed him “Kim Seok Green.

No matter whether the microphone is pink or green, Jin still shines on the stage. Hopefully, Jungkook will remember to pay more attention to Jin next time, so he realizes when these changes happen! You can watch the whole clip below!

Source: @yyyyuuu0


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