BTS’s Jin And NCT’s Jaemin Wore The Same Louis Vuitton Shirt But Served Totally Different Vibes

They’re both fashion kings!

BTS‘s Jin and NCT‘s Jaemin are both super talented, handsome, and fashionable!

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

NCT’s Jaemin | @na.jaemin0813/Twitter

Jin and Jaemin were recently spotted in the same Louis Vuitton shirt. The shirt is called the Sporty T-Shirt with Patch, and its design was inspired by athletic jerseys. The shirt costs $1,090 USD.

| Louis Vuitton

Jin wore the shirt during soundcheck for one of BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE — LAS VEGAS concerts.

| @jingallery/Twitter

He wore the shirt with the matching shorts, and he finished his outfit off with Louis Vuitton sandals.


Jin served major athletic vibes in his head-to-toe Louis Vuitton outfit! He looked like he could have been heading to football practice instead of getting ready to wow thousands of ARMYs with his live performance!


Jaemin wore the same shirt in NCT DREAM‘s “Glitch Mode” music video and during a live performance of the song.


Jaemin wore his Louis Vuitton shirt with white pants, and he accessorized with chains. He finished off his look with blue and white sneakers.

| Mnet

Jaemin served cool and casual vibes in his Louis Vuitton jersey-inspired shirt! His look definitely caught our eye in the icy section of the “Glitch Mode” music video, and we could totally see him wearing this designer look to the arcade or PC room in real life!

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

Although Jin and Jaemin both served different vibes in their Louis Vuitton looks, they both looked incredible!

Same Fit, Different Vibes