BTS’s Jin Reveals Why They Don’t Let Negative Internet Comments Bring Them Down

Here’s why they don’t dwell on them.

From the way BTS carry themselves onstage and offstage, they make being idols look effortless. When they shared tips on becoming successful, Jin offered advice on dealing with internet comments targeting them.

Since the group has spent years in the spotlight, Jin wanted to offer a warning to anyone who chose to do the same—or heavily relied on social media. He emphasized the danger of dwelling on what’s said online. “This isn’t necessarily a tip, but I advise you not to take too seriously every comment on the internet.

Jin pointed out how there will always be someone ready to say something negative. “People can criticize for many reasons.

They could even do so because they weren’t happy with themselves or couldn’t understand the bigger picture. “Maybe they’re jealous or have different tastes from yours.

Most importantly, Jin warned that giving in to the negativity from those comments could keep you from following and achieving your dreams. “You’ll lose what you want to do if you try to satisfy everyone else.

If BTS had listened to all of the negative comments directed at them before “I NEED U” put them on the map, they wouldn’t be the ground-breaking idols they are today.

Listen to Jin offer the advice that everyone should live by when pursuing their calling—or in everyday life.