Netizens Discovered The Meaning Behind One Of BTS Jin’s Nicknames And They Can’t Handle It

And it’s inspired a whole new nickname!

Many times Korean fans and international fans will create their own set of nicknames for their favorite idol and while both sets of fans tend to use each other’s creations, sometimes the meaning behind them isn’t always too clear.


When it comes to BTS‘s Jin, he’s earned a number of nicknames over the years thanks to his playful personality, stunning visuals, everyday actions, and great physique.


From “Car Door Guy”…


To the much loved “Worldwide Handsome.”


And while every ARMY knows what each of those nicknames means, it turns out there has been one comparison that international fans have made that wasn’t all that clear to Korean fans until now!


Although not exactly a nickname, many international fans have compared Jin’s body to that of a Dorito chip.


You know those triangular tortilla chip snacks that come in a variety of flavors? Yeah, that!


International fans used to compare Jin’s body to the snack all the time thanks to his wide shoulders and narrow waistline.


Although it’s not really used very much now, even to this day if you search “Dorito body” Jin’s picture will come up!


But some fans have just made the connection between the chip and Jin and think it’s incredibly cute!

  • “It’s honestly so cute how he has a hot body and a beautiful face but he’s so shy when it comes to showing it off!” 

  • “Hul! Jin really does have a Dorito body!”

  • “Our long legged Dorito Kim Seok Jin!”


Some have even taken things one step further and given him a new nickname, “Doritos.”


Meanwhile, some international fans are surprised that many people, including international fans, don’t seem to remember Jin’s body being referred to as a “Dorito body.”


But with his new “Dorito” nickname it looks like nobody is going to forget Jin’s impressive physique any time soon!