BTS’s Jin Said He Has No Friends, Here’s What Happened Next

BTS couldn’t believe he said this.

BTS is beloved by millions of people all over the world, but in a recent interview Jin claimed to have no friends.


BTS sat down with Noisey to discuss their favourite rappers…


…hangout spots…


…animes, and much more.


Each question in Noisey’s “Noisey Questionnaire of Life” was a multiple choice one that offered three options to choose from. The members answered based on their individual preferences.


Things took a surprise twist though when BTS was asked what they would rather give up for a day. The options were: their phones, their friends, or their food.


RM and Jimin both chose to give up their phones but Jin, ever the prankster, decided to tease his members with his answer.


Jin claimed that he would give up his friends for a day because he doesn’t have any friends.


Jin’s members, who he has lived and worked with for more than five years, reacted exactly the way you might expect.


was especially “outraged” because he has been friends with Jin for seven years!


Jin quickly retracted his answer because the members aren’t just friends…


…they’re family!


Check out the full interview here.