BTS’s Jin Was Asked How Non-Korean Fans Connect With Their Music, And His Response Was Perfect

Jin gave a sweet answer.

BTS has fans from all over the world, and they have shown that there are no language barriers when it comes to music.

In a recent interview with NDTV‘s Rohit Khilnani, the group was asked about this, and Jin gave a heartwarming answer.

Rohit Khilnani asked BTS about their worldwide popularity and how they connect so well with people around the world.

You have filled stadiums in different countries where people don’t know the language in which you make your music. Do you ever wonder how you connect so well because although language is a barrier, music has no language.

— Rohit Khilnani

Jin then gave a simple response when he stated that “there is no language barrier when it comes to music“. He also shared that they themselves listen to songs of languages they don’t understand.

Jin believes that music is something that helps connect people. He also expressed how he’s thankful that so many people around the world enjoy their music despite not knowing the language.

Here’s the full video below!