BTS’s Jungkook Surprised Jin With A Kiss, And His Reaction Was Hilarious

He had a hilarious reaction to the maknae’s surprise smooch.

Some people would rather win a kiss from Jungkook than the lottery…

…but Jin isn’t one of them!

These two friends have a hilarious Tom & Jerry dynamic that involves more kicking than hugging…

…or sometimes both.

Jin and Jungkook are forever playfighting…

…but have plenty of sweet moments too where they look after each other on stage and behind the scenes.

One of these moments happened during a photoshoot for BTS’s 5th Muster, Magic Shop.

When Jungkook arrived to join Jin and J-Hope for a photo, Jin asked him to tug down his pant leg for him. Instead, Jungkook kissed his ankle…

…and Jin reacted like this!

When J-Hope asked Jin why he’d yelled, Jin explained the situation, laughing. As for the mischeivous maknae, he looked very pleased with himself!

A BTS photoshoot just wouldn’t be complete without funny moments like this one.