BTS’s Jin Is Now Worldwide Pengting Because The UK Is In Love With Him

Here’s what that means.

BTS‘s Jin is always a trending hashtag on Twitter, but his newest “nickname” from the UK is quite possibly the cutest thing to have gone viral online. ARMYs are in love with his brand new title, the “Worldwide Pengting”.


Simply put, “Pengting”, in definition, is a “good thing”. ARMYs have realized that this “good thing” could only mean Jin – so born was the nickname “Worldwide Pengting”.


The hashtag first began trending on Twitter in the UK, then soon internationally, among ARMYs who found the term absolutely perfect for Jin.


Jin, now also known as Worldwide Pengting, is indeed the “pengest”. The internet is rapidly falling in love with how well fitting the term is to describe the wholesome package Jin really is!


With BTS’s London Wembley Stadium leg of the tour happening soon, this might be the best thing to have happened to Jin. Here’s to teaching the rest of the world some UK slang:


Here’s some more of the most beloved Worldwide Pengting to brighten up your day, full front:


From the side…


… and close up.