BTS’s Jin Once Called Himself A Pig, And RM Had The Most Hilarious Reaction

“I’m pig” — Jin

Many of us joke about being pigs because of the large amounts of food we can eat, and it turns out that Jin has also made the joke in the past!

In a past interview with Radio Disney, BTS was asked who eats the most in the group.

Jin was the first to speak up, saying that he wouldn’t know because he eats alone. The other members, however, were quick to point at him.

When RM asked why he eats so much, Jin proudly grabbed the mic and—without a hint of embarrassment—called himself a pig. He even made some pretty accurate pig sounds!

Truth be told, the funniest part was probably how RM didn’t even bat an eyelash when he heard Jin’s joke. He nonchalantly stated that there were six humans and one pig in the room, not that Jin minded in the least.

If you want to catch more of the boys, watch the full interview below:

Source: Radio Disney