BTS’s Jin Once Got Seriously Injured While Performing, Yet Continued Like A Professional

Jin held in the pain until the end.

BTS are true professionals, as they perform no matter what situation they are presented with.

During an episode of Mnet‘s TMI News, they looked over a story of how Jin performed despite an unfortunate accident.

During a performance in 2016, Jin got injured after some fireworks went off right in front of him. The flames from the fireworks ended up hitting his ear-piece.

Not only that, but the ashes from the fireworks touched his ear.

Jin potentially could have been electrocuted if the accident had been worse.

Despite his ear turning bright red and being visibly hurt, Jin continued with his performance as if nothing happened.

However, after the performance, Jin was seen in visible pain.

This also isn’t the only time Jin has been injured due to fireworks, as ashes from fireworks once got into his eyes during an ending stage.

Thankfully, Jungkook was quick to take action and brought some water to wash his eyes.

Here’s the full video below!