BTS’s Jin Once Mentioned “Twilight” And The Official “Twilight” Twitter Hilariously Responded

If Jin says Twilight is a fairytale, then Twilight is a fairytale.

Looks like whoever runs the Twilight Twitter is an ARMY!


In episode 143 of Run BTS, BTS‘s Jin mentioned Twilight and the official Twilight Twitter responded!

In this episode, the members write and illustrate their own storybooks.

| Min Tin/YouTube

Before they start creating, the staff asks them a series of questions about famous children’s stories.

| Min Tin/YouTube 

When the staff asked the members to name 3 stories that include a wolf, Jin included Twilight in his answer.

| Min Tin/YouTube 

The other BTS members laughed, and ARMY thought it was hilarious, too!

After the episode aired, the official Twilight Twitter account retweeted a clip of Jin mentioning the saga on Run BTS from an ARMY’s Twitter, and they even replied with a gif of Jin!

 ARMYs also noticed that Twilight changed their Twitter bio after Jin mentioned the saga on the show.

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Considering ARMY has been in awe of Jin’s never aging, vampirelike visuals, it was hilarious to see the Twilight Saga take notice of him!

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